Monday, 22 September 2008

let's meet up

Blognic tomorrow in London: Tuesday 23rd September, 6-8 pm, with Fr. Z:

Details here

Providentially coinciding with the HFE Bill Conference 10am -4pm

Hope to see you there.


Therese said...

oh wow. That is great. I wish I could be in London to meet you and Fr. Z.

leutgeb said...

Did you get there?

I had to leave at 6.30, sniff.

Roses and Jessamine said...

I'm sorry I missed you, Leutgeb. I felt exhausted after 6 hours of HFE Bill talks (worthwhile as it was), and couldn't face hanging around in London for 2 hours until the blognic, so I came home. Next time, I hope. Come to Brighton again soon and have lunch with us - the choir will be reconvening.

Mac McLernon said...

Sorry you didn't make it!

leutgeb said...

Only just read that comment. That would be great. I had a very enjoyable w/e in July.

6 hours of Conference that's a lot.