Monday, 8 September 2008

jail for advising against abortion

Pregnancy advice centres, nurses, doctors and midwives in the UK could face prosecution and a two-year prison sentence if they convince a woman to forgo an abortion, under proposed amendments to the HFE Bill.

Tabled by John Bercow, MP for Buckingham (Conservative), the amendment, if passed, will make it a criminal offence for a crisis pregnancy centre to advertise that it provides abortion-related services if it does not recommend having an abortion.

Other amendments to the Bill proposed by Dr Evan Harris, Lib Dem MP for Oxford & Abingdon, include the abolition of the right to conscientious objection by doctors and pharmacists wishing to refuse to prescribe or dispense contraception, including the morning after pill.

The good news is some MPs are putting forward pro-life amendments as well. See here.

At this crucial stage, write to your MP urging him or her to vote against the Bercow and Harris proposals and in favour of the pro-life amendments.

The HFE Bill Report Stage and Third Reading are scheduled for October.


Mark said...

I'm appalled!!!

Though, knowing a little about Bercow and Harris, not entirely surprised.

I love your blog, by the way.

Charlotte said...

This is exactly the kind of stuff we're afraid of happening here in America. Ditto for the homosexual agenda in Brazil. Whatever crazy stuff that happens in Europe, it always catches on in the east and west coasts over here. We Americans should be paying better attention to what's going on out there that can affect us down the line. Thanks for posting this.