Wednesday, 18 June 2008

it's not all nudist volleyball ...

A friend of mine has gone to live in Sweden for 4 months (go figure), and I'm going to miss him. Apart from being an invaluable member of our parish - altar serving, teaching Gregorian Chant, and being an astute social commentator - he's just a kind lovable person. Sunday afternoons will not be the same without him.

He's going to stay at a Bridgittine convent for a while. St. Bridget was a pretty amazing woman for her time (14th century). She married a lord and bore him 8 children, one of whom became St. Catherine of Sweden. After her husband's death, she founded the Order of St. Saviour.

St Bridget prayed for a long time to know how many wounds Our Lord suffered in His Passion. Eventually, He appeared to her and said: "I received 5475 blows upon My Body. If you wish to honor them in some way, recite fifteen Our Fathers and fifteen Hail Mary with the following Prayers, which I Myself shall teach you, for an entire year. When the year is finished, you will have honored each of My Wounds."

Our Lord makes magnificent promises to those who are able to complete this devoutly. The 15 St Bridget Prayers

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