Friday, 13 June 2008

Isn't it nice when the PM writes to you personally?

10 Downing Street tells me (and 10,744 others) in response to our last petition:

"The Prime Minister made clear that the Human Fertilisation and Embryology Bill would be subject to free votes on three ethical issues - on whether human admixed embryos are permitted within the strict limits set out in the Bill, on the question of permitting 'saviour siblings' in the context of rare genetic conditions, and on changing the IVF requirements for clinics to require the 'need for supportive parenting' to be taken into account (this replaces the words in the 1990 Act that requires clinics to take account of 'the need for a father'). Any amendments tabled on abortion would also be subject to a free vote.

These issues have now been debated in the House of Commons, on 19 and 20 May, and the position in the Bill was upheld."

Thanks for letting us know. Like we didn't already. At least that petition actually worked.
Sign this petition to HM the Queen to withhold Royal Assent to the HFE Bill.

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